Fenella has 30 years of yoga teaching experience. In 1996, she founded one of London’s leading Complementary Health Centres, she featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, not once, but three times and in 2004, co-founded the world’s largest children’s yoga company ‘YogaBugs’.

After two years in development, this practical yoga course for teachers is a refined and expert guide with beginner, intermediate and advance yoga practices and sequences for aspiring yoga teachers to share with their students.

Consolidate what you’ve learned and gain the confidence you need to turn your teacher training into an active and successful yoga business

What’s the offer?

  • Access 12 weeks of planned yoga classes in both video format and illustrated class plans. These have been enjoyed and tested by 6000 students.
  • Receive comprehensive manual on managing injuries and health issues along with home practice to alleviate symptoms.
  • Learn to manage engaging workshops and run international yoga retreats.
  • Gain insight into building and maintaining a consistent, loyal client base.
  • Become a ‘pandemic-proof’ yoga teacher.
  • Receive weekly advice through tailored mentoring meetings with Fenella to take you from your classroom training to teaching in studios or online.
  • Ultimately reap the rewards of running your own successful yoga business.

Have a free chat with Fenella by sending a note on Messenger for advice on how she can help you grow your business in a practical and professional way: connect with Fenella on Facebook and see much more about the yoga teacher course.

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