Transforming Your Yoga Training Into Your Teaching Success

Cross the bridge from Teacher Training to your own teaching success through this practical yoga teacher training course providing the essential tools for teachers to build their own thriving yoga business. It is a refined and expert guide with beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga practices and sequencesd class plans for aspiring yoga teachers to share with their students together with a valuable illustrated guide to managing injuries and health conditions. The Course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals for Further Yoga Training and Fenella Lindsell has been appointed as one of their Course Tutors. Teachers who purchase the course can claim CPD points.

Consolidate what you’ve learned and gain the confidence you need to turn your yoga teacher training into an active and successful yoga business. Starting out as a yoga teacher can be daunting in an increasingly competitive market place. Fenella’s goal is to make this journey more accessible and manageable. Fenella has 30 years of yoga teaching experience and knowledge from many years of ongoing training . In 1996, she founded one of London’s leading Complementary Health Centres, she featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, not once, but three times and in 2004 and co-founded the world’s largest children’s yoga company ‘YogaBugs’.

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  • Access a year’s worth of planned yoga classes in both video format and illustrated class plans
  • A practical guide on managing injuries and health issues plus home practices for students.
  • Weekly mentoring meetings with Fenella to take you onward from your classroom training
  • Valuable insight and ideas for building and maintaining a consistent and loyal client base.
  • Guidance on how to manage engaging workshops, charity events and run international yoga retreats.
  • Learning to become a ‘pandemic-proof’ yoga teacher online or in person
  • The chance to reap the rewards of running your own successful yoga business!
  • Learn more about your transformative Teachers course. the irresistible pre-launch offer .
  • FREE 15 min video and slideshow on lower back prevention 
  • See Fenella in June OM Yoga Magazine inside back cover and BWY Spectrum Autumn 2021
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Yoga Forever Academy has transformed me from a yoga teacher to a small studio owner! Thanks to the fantastic content, my self esteem grew significantly and it helped me to dare take the next step. The course is taking your yoga knowledge further and deeper as well as increasing your business proficiency .I have used the class plans for inspiration and as a pick and mix! You can create 100’s of different lesson plans. And the all new injuries guide is the icing on the cake. If I know I have someone coming in with lower back pain, I just have to look it up in the guide and I can offer the right modifications. The weekly mentoring is a springboard to success. Don’t take my word for it… I strongly advise you to just sign up. You will never look back. Laura Lisdonk Yoga Teacher

More details about my yoga course for yoga teachers

Guide to common injury management and advice on health issues

I wish I had had such a brilliant resource when I first qualified and started teaching classes in 2016!  I remember how nervous I was about how to make my classes safe and enjoyable for people with various conditions and injuries, and was acutely aware of my own limited anatomical knowledge. Fenella has done a fantastic job of making the explanations and descriptions easy to follow and jargon-free, and given hugely practical pointers (including videos) on how to help students work with their injuries/conditions, or modify poses to keep them safe and enjoying classes. The site is clear and easy to navigate. I find this amazingly helpful, not just for teachers starting out who want to increase their confidence and knowledge, but for all of us whether we are yoga teachers or students! Beth Callen Yoga Teacher

About Fenella Lindsell

Fenella enjoys teaching creative, varied and fun yoga and delivers classes to over 150 people a week in SW London. She runs regular international yoga holidays and caters to all age groups and abilities.

  • Trained with the British Wheel of Yoga 28 years ago. 
  • Senior Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance Professionals
  • Founder and Director of The Art of Health, London’s largest complementary health and yoga centre at the time (1996-2003). 
  • It was there that she founded YogaBugs in 1996 which she took to Australia 2010. It is story-style yoga for young children and she wrote a book with Random House called The One Bug Your Kids Should Catch. YogaBugs featured three times on BBC’s 2’s Dragon’s Den.
  • Worked with the NHS on programmes for older adults as part of their Expert Patient’s Group. 
  • Taught at a GP Practice for 15 years.
  • Has taken part in research on the benefits of yoga for pre-natal mothers with Imperial College, London.
  • She continues to train with world class teachers yoga teachers and attends regular workshops and yoga festivals with The British Wheel of Yoga and other respected teacher training organisations.

Fenella’s emphasis is to create a warm and welcoming approach to her yoga classes and retreats which clearly benefit her student’s longer term health and wellbeing.  

Enjoys helping and advising new yoga teachers with suggestions on how to build classes and loyalty and she’s learned a lot over the years! 

The influences on Fenella’s Hatha yoga style have come from disciplines notably Iyengar, Ashtanga and Jivamukti yoga.