Guide to injury management




How to confidently handle injuries in your yoga classes

Are you nervous about how to help your yoga students continue with classes despite an injury or pain?

This guide is for you if you:

  • Are a newly qualified yoga teacher who needs help with modifying your practice in classes so that you can be more inclusive
  • Are returning to teaching yoga after a break or retraining and want to be sure you can answer any injury questions in class
  • Work with older age groups or sportspersons who have regular injuries or pain problems
  • Run yoga classes – this directory is useful for any yoga teacher of any experience level

A comprehensive guide to managing common injuries and valuable information on health issues is just what you need as a new yoga teacher.

With this guide, you would feel confident in offering options to those recovering from or managing a current injury and accelerate their recovery by giving them a home practice to improve their symptoms.

You could learn more about health issues and how to integrate students who feel they’ve lost their ability in postures.  Help them to discover the benefits yoga can bring to their health with appropriate modifications and easy to follow sequences in class and at home too.

I wish I had had a brilliant resource when I first qualified and started teaching in 2016.  I remember how nervous I was about how to make my classes safe and enjoyable for people with various conditions and injuries and was acutely aware of my own limited anatomical knowledge.

Fenella has done a fantastic job of making explanations and descriptions easy to follow and jargon free. She gives hugely practical pointers (including videos) on how to help students work with their injuries/conditions and modify postures to keep them safe and enjoying the class. The site is clear and easy to navigate.

I find this amazingly helpful not just for teachers starting out who want to increase their confidence and knowledge, but for all of us whether we are yoga teachers or students.

Beth Callen Yoga Teacher