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The Extraordinary Link Between the Vagus Nerve & Psoas Muscles. An Interesting and Enlightening Class to Inspire Your Yoga Students

Have you ever wondered why your tummy rumbles when you lie on your back or you’re frequently targeted with a series of yawns when you sit down in the evening? These are all indications that your body is ready to rest and relax, your parasympathetic nervous system is clicking in.

As a yoga teacher, have you noticed how some of your students presenting with lower back pain may be carrying a lot of mental or emotional extras with them. The injury may not appear to relate to an accident but may be a manifestation of poor posture due to ‘overload’.

This Masterclass is for you:

  • If you’re looking for interesting new ideas to engage your students
  • If you would like to educate your students about how they can improve vagal nerve tone and lower their stress levels
  • If you’d like to help your students improve their posture by toning their psoas muscles and developing better pelvic stability

As a new yoga teacher or a teacher wanting to make yoga your full time business, you may like to research class plans that explore greater depths and improve our sense of overall well being.

This Masterclass will help you to share interesting content which students can really benefit from in terms of managing their own levels of daily stress together with investing in better posture to avoid lower back pain.

The short Masterclass gives Yoga Teachers:

  • Valuable tips to understand how we can actually manage and support our parasympathetic nervous system,

The psoas muscles contract when we are in a place of anxiety or stress. This will help you to understand how, why and what to do to prevent and improve the tone of these muscles.

This Masterclass will give you the Yoga Teacher:

  • An understanding of how to reduce inflammation, lower heart rate and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • A clearer understanding of how the psoas muscles affect knees, hips and lower back. Keeping these muscles toned can have long term preventive benefits.
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