Sports warm ups & cool downs




How to teach your yoga students to warm-up & cool-down before their sporting activities

Daily exercise is good for you – unless it causes injury due to incorrect warm-up or cool down routines.

This guide is for you:

  • If you teach students who enjoy sport in your yoga classes
  • If your yoga students miss classes due to injury caused while doing their chosen activity.
  • If you are unsure how to teach your students best practices to prevent injuries
  • If you are a keen athlete yourself and you want to know how to warm-up and cool down before exercise

As a new yoga teacher or a teacher wanting to make yoga your full time business, you may want to work with a specific niche, for example runners, cyclists, tennis players, football/rugby, golf or hockey players.

This guide will help you to confidently teach your yoga students how to warm-up and cool down before their activities so that they prevent injuries and see improvement in their performance. This has the added bonus of reducing class absences too!

The short sequences give athletes:

  • Valuable tips to improve strength and see improved stamina in their activity.
  • A well aligned, strong and flexible body meaning less chance of injury.
  • Breathing techniques which improve stamina and performance and aid recovery.


These Warm Ups and Cool Downs give Yoga Teachers:

  • An ideal opportunity to approach specialist sports clubs and groups and to offer a free session to their teens and adults.
  • The chance to capture contact information and build suitable classes to meet these demands.

“Fenella’s years of teaching yoga are apparent in this video series. She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, the biomechanics of the body and what is needed to prepare athletes for their chosen sport.
These short sport-targeted warm ups can make all the difference in preparing to play as well as being valuable in injury prevention.”
Suzy Green
Owner Three Trees Yoga
500 ERYT, IAYT Yoga Therapy


Hello, my name is Fenella Lindsell
I have over 30 years experience teaching yoga ….

I remember only recently I helped a student in class who was in obvious discomfort from lifting kettlebells in her fitness training. When she arrived in class she could barely sit on her mat without wincing. After a 1 hour class, the difference was extraordinary, she simply couldn’t believe how the pain had subsided. She visibly skipped out of the class! The posture work and breathing together combined to release the muscles in spasm and provide her with the confidence to move more freely.

Throughout my life I have played competitive sport, tennis primarily, ladies football together with running, cycling, hiking and yoga of course. I’ve experienced injuries along the way, but learned how to manage them, strengthen areas of weakness and seen positive recovery. Yoga is such a complement to sport and equally very grounding and beneficial for recovery.


I am sure that you will find the Yoga Specialist Guide for Sports is a valuable resource which you will continue to use for years, but if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please contact me by emailing within 5 days of purchase showing proof that you have delivered the warm ups and cool downs to a student(s) and with their feedback.

Buy the Yoga Specialist Guide for Sports

What you get:

  • 7 videos

Warm-up and cool down exercises:

  • runners
  • cyclists
  • tennis players
  • golfers
  • football/rugby players
  • hockey players

And a bonus video demonstrating simple stretches in the park

The price is redeemable if you purchase the Premium Yoga Forever Academy Course.


Who is this guide for?
Newly qualified yoga teachers or teachers returning to yoga after a break. The guide is particularly helpful for those who work with keen athletes and local groups or clubs.

Can I use these exercises in my yoga classes?
Yes, you can use warm-up and cool down exercises as part of your yoga class. This can help students to practice the routines so that they can repeat them at home before exercising.

The price is redeemable if you purchase the Premium Yoga Forever Academy Course.