FOR YOGA TEACHERS: the bridge between your YOGA teacher training and your teaching success

Yoga Forever Academy: Transform What You’ve Learned in Yoga Teacher Training into Your Own Prosperous Yoga Business.

Are you a recently trained teacher or one returning to yoga in search of new ideas and guidance.? The thought of giving up your day job and making yoga your ‘full time’ is daunting and uncertain. This is the most practical and comprehensive yoga teacher training course to build your own successful yoga business in person or online.  Before I tell you about this life-changing programme, let’s talk about who it’s really for. …

You’re either a yoga teacher with no shortage of ambition, tired of running between studios, ready to build a business that allows you to impact infinitely more lives, more profitably, and work whenever, wherever and however you like!

Or you’ve just qualified, you’re excited and ready to take what you’ve learned in your yoga teacher training but you’re nvervous starting out with varied ability classes when all those you’ve taught on Teacher Training knew what they were doing and how to manage any injuries they had.

Maybe you’re returning to your mat after having a family, leaving your day job, or wanting to help others to find the benefits you’ve enjoyed in your own yoga practice?

This course will accelerate your yoga business and enhance your teaching capabilities. 

By the end of this yoga teacher training course

  • You will have a year’s worth of planned weekly classes, giving your students the opportunity to try, improve and perfect what they’ve learned. 
  • The experience to understand the nature of many common injuries that students present in class and the ability to provide a home practice to help conditions, increase strength and improve flexibility. 
  • Access to guided relaxations and yoga nidra, together with helpful breathing exercises which add value to your classes.
  • Guidance on how to build student loyalty, structure your teaching day to suit you, run workshops and yoga holidays. 
  • Weekly mentoring, suggestions and support from Fenella who will share what she’s learned from her students and 30 years of teaching. 

Through well prepared and varied class plans, together with your attention to supporting those students who need additional guidance, your yoga students will know, like and trust you to teach them yoga.  When we enjoy something, we love to share it with friends and family. The word will organically spread. 

For every qualified yoga teacher, there are two in training. 

Ryan Rockwell former Online Marketing Manager Yoga Journal

Yoga is a $5.7 billion industry, up 87% since 2004 and showing no signs of slowing. More than sixteen million people are reguarly practicing yoga delivered by 70,000 plus yoga teacherin the USA. In the UK there are more than 11,000 .

Mark Stephens Teaching Yoga

The Yoga Forever Academy gives you the confidence and ability to stand out from the crowd, and be successful and fulfilled in your teaching.

“Nell goes beyond her call of duty in her kindness, knowledge and athleticism, not to mention people skills in her awesome yoga teaching. She’s been teaching more than all of us and was the first to run her own yoga centre in London.”

Liz Lark Senior Yoga Teacher and Course Instructor at Yoga Campus London 

“Each class provides a different theme, challenge and thought – carefully planned providing modifications and alternatives, demonstrating the full knowledge of yoga asana, anatomy and mindfulness along with a great sense of fun. 

I can’t wait for each class, greeted by Nell’s love and enthusiasm for yoga and each person who walks into her class. She is and remains an amazing mentor to me and someone who I aspire to be more like. Her classes are suitable for all levels.”  

Rebecca Sherrin – Yoga Teacher  

“I discovered yoga with Nell 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve tried different teachers…. I always came back to her! I completely trust her. She is the kindest and the most professional person I have ever known. After her class, I always feel relaxed and full of energy at the same time. I can’t miss one.”

Anne Charpin – Yoga Teacher

“In my first year of working as a yoga teacher, Nell helped me establish myself.  She supported me in finding new students and class planning. Because of Nell I didn’t have to get two or three jobs to support myself living in London.  She helped me feel confident in my abilities and was always there to answer my questions.  Because of Nell, I felt more courageous and SO supported.”

Lucy Paget – Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

What’s Inside Your transformative Teachers course

The Premium course

Module one:

Four Filmed Classes with illustrated plans: 

  1. Yoga Using a Block, Exploring Depth and Alignment.
  2. Twist and Release for Lower, Mid and Upper Back
  3. Fascial Activation and Stretch Technique 
  4. Yoga For The Whole Body From Head to Feet or Feet to Head. 

Suitable Readings to Start and End Each Classes

Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to Injuries and Health Issues with easy to follow videos

Details of Home Practices for Your Students

A Presentation on How To Structure Your Teaching Day 

Module two:

Four Filmed Classes with illustrated plans: 

  1. Building to Peak Postures with Valuable Preparation and Instruction
  2. Yoga Using a Belt to Further Align and Explore Postures
  3. Strength In Challenging Times and the Importance of Correct Deep Breathing
  4. Focus on Forward Bends With Valuable Instruction To Protect the Back and Build Strength to Support it. (1 of 5 Classes to Strengthen the Pelvic Area and in turn, Lower Back)

Suitable Readings to Start and End Each Class 

11 Guided Relaxations

Simple Breathing Techniques 

A presentation on New Beginnings as a Yoga Teacher


Four Filmed Classes with illustrated plans: 

  1. Better Buttocks! It’s Original Working Title and Fairly Self Explanatory to Strengthen the Lower Back 
  2. Developing a Stronger Core for Pelvic and Lower Back Stability! 
  3. Releasing Stiffness in Hips and Shoulders. When Our Posture is Compromised, Our Lower Back Suffers too. 
  4. Building Vitality in the Kidneys. Calming Practice to Lower High Levels of Cortisol and Bring About a Deeper Sense of Calm. 

Suitable Readings to Start and End Each Class

Guided Yoga Nidras

How to Run Workshops and Yoga Holidays

The Standard Course


Four Filmed Classes with illustrated plans: 

  1. Yoga Using a Block
  2. Twist and Release
  3. Fascial Activation and Stretch Technique
  4. Yoga For The Whole Body

Suitable Readings to Start and End Each Classes

Comprehensive Illustrated Directory Covering Injuries and Health Issues 

Details of Home Practices for Your Students


Four Filmed Classes with illustrated plans: 

  1. Building to Peak Postures
  2. Yoga with a Belt
  3. Strength In Challenging Times
  4. Focus on Forward Bends


Four Filmed Classes with illustrated plans: 

  1. Better Buttocks
  2. Developing a Stronger Core
  3. Releasing Stiffness in Hips and Shoulders
  4. Building Vitality in the Kidneys
Side Plank (Vasisthasana)

3 months of Live Q&A with me to ensure your questions and your concerns are addressed with the Premium Course

The chance to join an active Facebook Community to overcome feelings of isolation and to fill up your tank when you’re running on low fuel. 

My Guarantee To You 

I am prepared to offer a 30-day full money back guarantee* because I’m looking for serious teachers who want to see beneficial results. If you’re prepared to do the work, but you’re not satisfied with the course, I’ll gladly give you a refund.

*This guarantee is subject to:  

Submission of proof that you delivered the 4 themed classes.

Evidence of the venues where you taught, together with the numbers of students who attended. You will also be asked to highlight any areas of injury or concern and what support and guidance you offered where appropriate.


Are you sure that I can do this? I’m just starting out as a yoga teacher and it all feels rather overwhelming.

If you embrace the opportunities that this course offers and you deliver the classes well prepared, with energy and humour, you will undoubtedly see positive results. 

Will I need to invest in other training courses to make this course more successful for me? 

This is a stand alone online course with lifetime access. It has been designed to give you the new, or returning teacher, the confidence you need through the delivery of themed, varied and interesting class plans. These will resonate with your students and they will be interested from week to week to follow the themes and enjoy the benefits.

Do I need additional tech skills to make this work for me?

Tech is not a pre-requisite for Yoga Forever Academy. The course is laid out so that it’s clear, understandable and easy to follow. 

When I join Yoga Forever Academy will I be getting immediate access to all modules, classes and Guide for Injury & Health Issue Management?

The course is delivered in Three Modules and these are released every month for three months. This helps to keep the structure and format of classes suitable and the flow between them correct.

Will Fenella be available to help and answer questions if I get stuck? 

Yes the weekly zoom meetings will be an opportunity to address these questions. Fenella really does enjoy sharing what she’s learned and if you can’t make a session she can record it and encourages you to email her for  information or advice. 

How will I begin when I don’t have a list of students?

This is covered in the presentation on Building Loyalty where many tips will give you guidance on building a loyal customer base.

Are classes and the content of the course suitable for in person and online teaching?

Classes have been designed to deliver in a class environment or on Zoom and have been thoroughly tested during the recent pandemic.


This course for yoga teachers is a risk free opportunity, backed by a refund opportunity.  It offers you the chance to have your own yoga business, to build your own client base and to really enjoy and share what you do with pride. . I’ve endevoured to bring together all the hightlights of what I’ve learned through teaching, managing injuries, running workshops and yoga holidays and getting the best from my students. I’ve had lots of interesting challenges and some very good fun on the way too! I genuinely believe that I can support and guide you along your path to teaching success and help you to achieve what you’re striving for.

You’ll be given the tools to run your own workshops and yoga holidays. Both are so rewarding and you’ll just keep wanting to do more. I have visited many beautiful countries with some wonderful people, made some fantastic memories and some great friendships too. 

One of the gifts from this course is that you will be in charge of your own time and schedule. That’s why you’re motivated to invest in Yoga Forever Academy to give you the lifestyle and possibilities you’ve been looking for. 

I created this course to share what I have learned over her 30 years of teaching children, teens, adults, pregnancy and older adults, as well as experience gained in running London’s largest complementary health centre at that time.  My students have taught me so much and some have been with me for over 25 years. I have had 4 children and found yoga teaching fits so well with my family and lifestyle. My first memories of yoga were of my mother in her black leotard in the early 70’s! I remember being suitably sceptical, and would never have believed that this would become my life and my work.

It is the best job in the world! It combines my real love of yoga and interest in people, with my desire to be able to travel. Each week, I see lots of friends who come to classes, then I enjoy time with them in workshops where we delve deeper into subject matter. The best bit is the yoga holidays, these have developed from a loyal class following who return year after year with family and friends. Together we’ve seen and experienced different cultures, lifestyles, food and time on and off the mat. I’ve integrated other activities into my holidays and found these to be successful complements to the yoga classes too.

Enjoy the lifestyle you deserve and the exciting, fulfilling opportunities that come with it.


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$600 $450


Weekly mentoring

Course delivered in 3 modules

12 yoga class plan films

12 illustrated class plans

Uplifting readings for classes

Injuries & Conditions Manual

Warm ups and cool downs for sports

$1000 $500


Weekly mentoring

Course delivered in 3 modules

12 yoga class plan films

12 illustrated class plans

Uplifting readings for classes

Injuries & Conditions Manual

Warm ups and cool downs for sports

Helpful articles

Breathing exercises

Guided relaxations & yoga nidras

Advice for new teachers starting out

Advice on increasing student loyalty

How to run workshops & retreats