Yoga Forever Mentoring Programme

Course starts Tuesday 10th January to Tuesday 31st January 2023 inclusive.


Turn a yoga course into a yoga career

From single postures to sequenced, inclusive, themed classes

Recognise the fads and the fakes, learn to teach with integrity and authenticity

Run by Fenella Lindsell

Why listen to me?

Very simply, I have three decades of working yoga experience, a legacy of entrepreneurship and a lifelong relationship with teaching and practising yoga.

I have been through the process myself, come out the other side in success and I really enjoy and want to share my essential tips with those who wish to grow their business and love their teaching.

“I can’t wait for each class, greeted by Nell’s love and enthusiasm for yoga and each person who walks into her class. She has been and remains an amazing mentor to me and someone who I aspire to be more like.”

Rebecca Sherin – Yoga Teacher

My yoga business allows me to support my family of four children, continually increase my sphere of influence and live a life I choose under a business I can call MY OWN!

From practitioner to professional

Build Your Own Successful Business

I am here to help and change this daunting process from a giant leap to simple steps. I do it because I remember how difficult it was to transition from practitioner to professional.

MODULE 1: Define & Explore Your Yoga Community, Opportunities & Threats

Structuring your approach, who to talk to, how to capture important contact information and much more…

“Thanks to Nell, I didn’t have to get two or three jobs to support myself living in London. She helped me feel confident in my abilities and was always there to answer my questions. Because of Nell, I felt more courageous and fantastically supported.”

Lucy Paget – Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a friend and a way of life but yoga teaching involves an entrepreneurial journey to founding a successful business, or expanding an existing one.

“Her mentoring is the most valuable tool you can possibly gift yourself.  Mentoring is different to teacher training – it is deeply personal, bespoke to you and your vulnerabilities, your agenda. Nell’s mentoring gives you literally hours and hours of totally down to earth, practical, deeply insightful conversation that sets you up to succeed. Nell is doing something so valuable with this programme, and I for one am deeply grateful.”

Joanna Hancock – New Yoga Teacher

Become A Pillar In The Yoga Community

Build Lasting Professional Relationships

MODULE 2: Target your audience through social networks

The importance of joining like minded groups, how-to make social media posts

Yoga is now more popular than ever. This is brilliant but it also means there are thousands of other yoga teachers trying to do the same thing as you. As Ryan Rockwell said, “For every qualified teacher, there are two more in training”.

“Yoga Forever Academy has transformed me from a yoga teacher to a small studio owner! Thanks to the fantastic content, my self-esteem grew significantly and it helped me to dare take the next step… The weekly mentoring is a springboard to success, but don’t take my word for it… I strongly advise you to just sign up and see for yourself!”

Laura Lisdonk – Yoga Teacher

My network has grown over three decades, spans three continents and has its epicentre in London, one of the world’s capitals for both yoga and business. My mentoring aims to give other teachers the same blueprint.

Building Confidence

Teach in a manner that reassures your students of your ability and training

MODULE 3: Managing fun themed and varied classes for all abilities.

How to really nail your teaching techniques and deliver with confidence to varied abilities across different platforms.

“The Guide for Injury Management truly gives you the confidence of being able to safely teach students with a whole range of health conditions so that your classes really are all-inclusive.”

Rachel Caffarate – Yoga Teacher

These methods for dealing with and assisting injury are tried and tested with years of reinforced, positive feedback. People come to yoga to get fitter and stronger, so the last thing a teacher wants is to stretch them too far (literally!).

“I wish I had had such a brilliant resource as the Guide for Injury and Health Issue Management when I first qualified and started teaching classes in 2016!”

Beth Callen – Yoga Teacher

Standing Out From The Crowd

MODULE 4: Additional valuable material to make your classes even more enjoyable!

How and where to access extra materials that make your classes unique and memorable.

“She walks the walk and goes always beyond the call of duty in her kindness knowledge athleticism and attentiveness, not to mention people skills in her awesome yoga teaching”

Liz Lark – Senior Yoga Teacher – Yoga Campus

Mentoring Programme


  • 2 x half hour 1:1 one at start and 1 at end
  • 4 x 1 hour group afternoon zoom meetings to share and learn from one another with input and advice from me. Sharing personal journeys can be so helpful in finding our own.
  • All group Zoom sessions will be recorded in case you’re unable to make the meeting.
  • All modules are 1 hour sessions.
  • The course will be covered over 4 weeks.

I am more than happy to receive emails from you and to provide guidance and support during the programme and will respond within 24 hours.

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