Tips to Teaching Success

Yoga teachers! add to your knowledge and succeed in your yoga business

I want to share with you valuable strategies that will help you to turn what you’ve learned during your teacher training into your own successful yoga business.  

I have over 30 years of yoga teaching experience. I have run my own studio, designed my own classes and held yoga retreat holidays. I’ll share with you the four things that I believe have contributed the most to my success. 

Whether you are just qualified, ready to get back into yoga teaching after a break or wanting to run your own yoga studio and take your business to the next level, these four practices will help you. 

They have helped me to stop running frantically from studio to studio taking classes and grow my business to the point where I can afford to take time off (I have just spent the summer in France & Spain). 

Listen in to this free guide to my four secrets to your teaching success – that will help you do the same.

For every qualified yoga teacher, there are two in training. 

Ryan Rockwell former Online Marketing Manager Yoga Journal

Lucy Paget
Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

“In my first year of working as a yoga teacher, Nell helped me establish myself.  She supported me in finding new students and class planning. Because of Nell I didn’t have to get two or three jobs to support myself living in London.  She helped me feel confident in my abilities and was always there to answer my questions.  Because of Nell, I felt more courageous and SO supported.”

“Nell goes beyond her call of duty in her kindness, knowledge and athleticism, not to mention people skills in her awesome yoga teaching. She’s been teaching more than all of us and was the first to run her own yoga centre in London.”

Liz Lark Senior Yoga Teacher and Course
Instructor at Yoga Campus London

yoga teacher

“I discovered yoga with Nell 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve tried different teachers…. 

I always came back to her! I completely trust her. She is the kindest and the most professional person I have ever known. After her class, I always feel relaxed and full of energy at the same time. I can’t miss one.”

Anne Charpin – Yoga Teacher

back pain guide - yoga class

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