In my first year of working as a yoga teacher Nell helped me establish myself. She supported me in finding new students and class planning. Because of Nell I didn’t have to get two or three jobs to support myself living in London. She helped me feel confident in my abilities and was always there to answer my questions. Because of Nell, I felt more courageous and SO supported.

Lucy Paget – Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

So inspiring! YFA gave me the confidence to set up my own yoga brand, hire a studio and go for it! My weekly classes and montly workshops are fully booked using Nell’s guidance, practical advice and encouragement. Nell, you are an all round wonderful human being @jojoyogacreative

Her mentoring is the most valuable tool you can possibly gift yourself.  Mentoring is different to teacher training.  It is deeply personal, bespoke to you and your vulnerabilities, your agenda.  Nell’s mentoring gives you literally hours and hours of totally down to earth, practical, insightful conversation that sets you up to succeed. Joanna Hancock YFA teacher 

Yoga Forever Academy’s Teacher’s Course is simply brilliant. It takes you from the theory you learned on your initial teacher training to how you apply that in practice. There are so many courses out there that promise to do this, but this one really does what it says on the tin. It is so comprehensive. The class plans are excellent in that they give you new ideas to flow from pose to pose seamlessly and give you the know how of how you can incorporate options into the postures to teach a variety of abilities in the same class. The Directory for Injury Management also gives you the confidence of being able to safely teach students with a whole range of health conditions so that your classes really are all inclusive. I came to know Nell from attending her classes and always left the classes with my head buzzing with new sequences, readings and breathing techniques. This course has all these ideas in one place to constantly refer to and with weekly mentoring, you can follow up in person with Nell and her 30 years experience. It is truly a unique course that I would recommend to all teachers. Rachel Caffarate – Yoga Teacher

Nell is a diamond on every level. She walks the walk and goes always beyond the call of duty in her kindness, knowledge, athleticism and beauty, not to mention her people skills in her awesome yoga teaching. She’s been teaching more than all of us and was the first to run a yoga centre in London, so she needs no reference. Liz Lark – Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer Yoga Campus 

Yoga Forever Academy has transformed me from a yoga teacher to a small studio owner! Thanks to the fantastic content, my self esteem grew significantly and it helped me to dare take the next step. The course is taking your yoga knowledge further and deeper as well as increasing your business proficiency. I have used the class plans for inspiration and as a pick and mix! You can create 100’s of different lesson plans. And the all new Directory for Injury Management is a cherry on top of the cake. If I know I have someone coming in with sciatica I just have to look it up there and I can offer the right modifications. The weekly mentoring is a springboard to success. Don’t take my word for it… I strongly advise you to just sign up. You will never look back. Laura Lisdonk – Yoga Teacher

I wish I had had such a brilliant resource as the Directory for Injury and Health Issue Management when I first qualified and started teaching classes in 2016!  I remember how nervous I was about how to make my classes safe and enjoyable for people with various conditions and injuries, and was acutely aware of my own limited anatomical knowledge. Nell has done a fantastic job of making the explanations and descriptions easy to follow and jargon-free, and giving hugely practical pointers (including videos) on how to help students work with their injuries/conditions, or modify poses to keep them safe and enjoying classes. The site is clear and easy to navigate. I find this amazingly helpful, not just for teachers starting out who want to increase their confidence and knowledge, but for all of us whether we are yoga teachers or students! Beth Callen – Yoga Teacher

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