Nell is a diamond on every level. She walks the walk and goes always beyond the call of duty in her kindness, knowledge, athleticism and beauty, not to mention her people skills in her awesome yoga teaching. She’s been teaching more than all of us and was the first to run a yoga centre in London, so she needs no reference.

Liz Lark – Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer Yoga Campus 

It’s so good Nell. I think the fact you are using a model to demo rather than trying to demo yourself is a great move. Makes it very clear to understand and is a bit different to other online classes I’ve seen. I like how it’s split in to sections too

Sarah Hill

In my first year of working as a yoga teacher Nell helped me establish myself. She supported me in finding new students and class planning. Because of Nell I didn’t have to get two or three jobs to support myself living in London. She helped me feel confident in my abilities and was always there to answer my questions. Because of Nell, I felt more courageous and SO supported.

Lucy Paget – Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

I’m over 6ft tall and started yoga with Fenella to improve my posture as my work demands a lot standing and walking. I wanted to avoid stiffness and discomfort in the future. I joined ‘More Men On The Mat’ and I’m already seeing significant improvements and have felt warmly welcomed as a beginner.

Dr Aaron Hunter 

When I got to class today my right foot was killing me and my left hip and knee were acting up. When I left my foot, hip and knee felt great and so did my head!!

Brooke Jackson 

Each class provides a different theme, challenge and thought – carefully planned providing modifications and alternatives, demonstrating the full knowledge of yoga asana, anatomy and mindfulness along with a great sense of fun.

I can’t wait for each class, greeted by Nell’s love and enthusiasm for yoga and each person who walks into her class. She has and remains an amazing mentor to me and someone who I aspire to be more like. Her classes are suitable for all levels.

Rebecca Sherrin – Yoga Teacher

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